Prosport – Transparence

The non-profit organisation Prosport Bruxelles began its activities on 1 September 1998. It owes its creation to the decision made by the Collège des Bourgmestre et Echevins of the City of Brussels to give the King Baudouin Stadium the means to promote and manage its activities in order to ensure maximum occupancy through non-sporting events and to meet the demands of private companies wishing to use the stadium.

The non-profit organisation Prosport Bruxelles took over and broadened the missions of the “Fonds Sportif de Bruxelles”, a non-profit organisation created in 1948.

Since its creation Prosport Bruxelles has worked in synergy and cooperation with the City of Brussels Sports Service which manages the Stadium.

  • upstream: to raise financial resources through partnerships with private companies, organise non-sporting events at the stadium (concerts, conferences, talks, seminars), promote the concept of stadium visits, etc.
  • downstream: to support the local sports policy (assistance with club projects, etc.), encourage sporting activity in particular for young people from Brussels, undertake sporting activities in line with these objectives and promote the image of Brussels during the major sporting events taking place on its territory.The Sports Service is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the stadium and its annexes at a technical level as well as the management of the site during sporting events (Van Damme Memorial, Belgian Football Union, the Belgian Cup Final, RSCA and Excelsior training sessions and matches, etc.).